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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where are DFA updates?

02/26/2011 - GRIEVING family members of Cebuano earthquake victims in New Zealand continued to call on the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for updates.

Cecilia Ragay, aunt of missing nurse Ivy Jane Cabunilas, aunt who went to the DFA regional office in Cebu City yesterday afternoon but came out empty-handed.

All queries are referred to the DFA office in Manila.

Ragay said it would have been a big comfort if the DFA had at least given them news about the situation.

Ragay said she only had phone calls and text messages from Ivy’s husband, JR in Christchurch for updates.

JR, who called her up Thursday night, said more rescuers were helping out in the collapsed Canterbury Television (CTV) building but had difficulty lifting the debris because of rain showers .

“He’s anxious that so many days have passed with no sign of survivors. His children still hope their mother will come home. They keep crying,” she said.

Since Wednesday, Ragay has been praying in every Mass she attends in three churches in Cebu City , Carmelite’s convent, Metro Cebu Cathedral and Sto. NiƱo Basilica.

“I'm 100 percent hopeful that Ivy is still alive,” she said.

Emmabelle Anoba’s sister, April Marie, said they have not received any call or notice from the DFA.

The family stays at home waiting for updates from Emmabelle’s friends at Christchurch./Correspondent Carmel Loise Matus (Cebu Daily News)

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