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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby discharged, 2 others remain in hospital

02/26/2011 -TWO baby boys injured in last Sunday’s accidental bulb explosion in the Cebu City Memorial Medical Center (CCMC) are under close watch by medical staff of Chong Hua Hospital.

One infant is in the intensive care unit (ICU) while the other is in the pediatric ward. A third victim, a baby girl, was released.

Mayor Michael Rama, who earlier called for an inquiry, said he asked Cebu City’s former health officer Dr. Tom Fernandez tand lawyer Joseph Bernaldez to lead it.

“It would be unfair if we get to a conclusion without properly investigating,” Rama said.

The baby boys are stable, said Dr. Lee James Maratas, head of the pediatric ward of the Cebu City Medical Center.

The two were transferred to Chong Hua hospital last Sunday after they suffered burns when the 100-watt incandescent bulb of a warming lamp exploded in the nursery. Rama said that the city will shoulder the bills of the victims.

Maratas said hospital maintenance staff already checked all seven gooseneck lamps in the hospital’s sick neonate unit.

They also installed protective metal screens over the bulbs.

He said that bulbs should ideally be covered with fiberglass, but they are still negotiating for the purchase of the screens.

CCMC Chief Dr. Eduardo Sedoripa submitted his incident report to City Administrator Jose Marie Poblete.

“It’s pretty much a narration what really happened that day,” Poblete told CDN.

The letter also lists the equipment CCMC needs to treat patients better.

“It was really a freak accident considering that other hospitals are using the same bulb,” Poblete said.

“Whoever should be held responsible for the accident, we are more concerned with the status of the babies,” he said.

In an interview over GMA 7 Balitang Bisdak, Sedoripa recommended that City Hall buy halogen bulbs instead for the incubator and that procurement procedures of CCMC need to be reviewed.

Local government officials are responsible for improving hospital facilities, not the CCMC , said Dr. Susana Madarieta, director of the Department of Health in Central Visayas.

Madarieta said that she already talked with CCMC officials.

“Unless someone will file a complaint, there's no need to send a copy of the report to our office,” Madarieta said.

She said the bulb explosion in CCMC was an accident and acknowledged the quick response of the CCMC medical staff.

Madarieta said that their office will train medical staff in the region on hospital safety. (Inquirer News)

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