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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Filipinos face a good year in 2011, Cebu card reader says

01/01/2011 CEBU CITY, Philippines (PNA) – A Cebu card reader has said Filipinos will experience a good economy next year, which is also said to be a good year to tie the knot.

Brother Cirilo “Eloy” Arepal, a sought-after local card reader, envisions the year 2011 as a good time “to look for a partner in life” and build a house.

While he advised couples to tie the knot next year, he stressed the importance of one’s readiness to enter marriage.

“2001 is a good year for the economy,” he said, interpreting the meaning of two ace cards, which he equated with “11.”

Good tidings will shower the country, but it will go through some “temporary difficulties” next year, added Arepal, who started reading cards when he was 12 years old.

He also advised President Benigno Aquino III, whom he described as “sincere and honest,” to be careful of the people around him because ace cards symbolize “betrayal of confidence.”

The year 2011, also known as the Year of the Metal Rabbit, will also be advantageous to those in construction and real estate, Arepal said.

Metal rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac is associated with prosperity and financial stability.

Arepal, who said he predicted the conflict in the Korean Peninsula, also foresees a more intense discourse on the issues surrounding the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

He did not say if the bill will be passed into law, but he urged the government and church leaders to sit down together.

Church leaders, he said, should “listen” and treat the matter with more openness because the bill, which was almost passed in the 14th Congress, may also prove helpful to many people.

“There should be a negotiation or conference, and government and church leaders should study the matter,” he said.

The youth will also face next year the threat of drugs and unwanted pregnancies, said Arepal.

“If children will not listen to their parents, they’ll become victims of drugs or unwanted pregnancies,” he said.

Arepal said he has decided to lie low from card-reading for health reasons.

He said he reads cards for fun, and advised people not to rely on his predictions because only faith in God can assure one’s good future.

He also said 2011 should remind people of Jesus Christ’s second coming and the need to go back to God (Manila Bulletin)

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