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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mayor Mike Rama: Everything is operating well in Cebu City

11/08/2010 - MAYOR Michael Rama yesterday assured that Cebu City is doing well under his administration after his predecessor, Rep. Tomas Osmena, expressed his disappointment at the way Rama is running the city.

“Until 2013, the city will be properly cared for. I can assure that,” Rama told Cebu Daily News.

On Friday. Osmena said he is scared of the current situation of Cebu City and questioned Rama’s actions and plans.

Osmena said he fears for the safety and the future financial situation of the city.

“I’m now starting to see that this is more a disappointment. I’m really scared for the city,” Osmena said in a press conference in his house in barangay Guadalupe.

He said the peace and order situation in the city is now at risk due to the decision of Rama to replace police officials in Cebu City.

Supt. Paul Labra, deputy director of Cebu City Police Office, and former chief inspector George Ylanan were relieved during the administration of Rama.

Osmena said the training programs of the policemen in Cebu City have stopped. He also objected to the decision of Rama to stop giving incentives to policemen for catching or shooting robbers.

“The policemen are now going to undergo a process of demoralization,” Osmena said.

Rama, however, said he had nothing to do with the relief of the two police officials, saying it was the Philippine National Police(PNP) who decided the matter.

He said that Labra was relieved due to the schooling while Ylanan was replaced due to allegations that he killed a man.

Osmena also criticized the plan of the Cebu City Police to dismantle the Barangay Intelligence Network(BIN). He suspects there is a political reason for the planned dismantling of BIN.

He noted that even in the oath taking of the barangay officials last Thursday, no councilors, congressmen, nor the vice mayor was invited.

Different barangay officials, including the members of opposition like Punta Princessa barangay captain Jose Navarro, took their oath before Rama last Thursday at the Cebu City hall.

“It’s not a surprise but something that I fear, what we see here is a shift in direction, all kinds of changes which to me will not be the best interest for Cebu City,” Osmena said.

But Rama explained that he ordered his staff to distribute the invitations to the oath taking of the barangay officials but said that maybe they did not get the invitations because most of the city councilors were in Camarines Sur.

Osmena, however, acknowledged the power of Rama being the mayor but reminded him that he owes his victory to Bando Osmena Pundok Kaswaugan (BOPK).

“Mike is the mayor and he can do what he wants but I would just like to remind him that he was elected because he was(with) BOPK, ” Osmena said.

Osmena is also aware that Rama is trying to prove he is different from him and is thus changing the practices that he had set during his administration.

“So you want to be different then from your own group, how about Bando-Joy Pesquera (Rama’s long-time girlfriend). Don’t call yourself BOPK,” he said.

He said that Rama doesn’t even consult his councilors unlike during his time where he even gave executive powers to his councilors.

Osmena said there are councilors who do not agree with Rama’s decisions like the budget allocation but were not even consulted.

He said that even if Rama tried to override the city’s existing Park and Playground Committee in creating a super beautification council that will be headed by Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung, his dream of making OsmeƱa Boulevard like Paris in France would be impossible.

“100 days , we will add one more 0 to hundred days it will not happen,” Osmena said

Rama, however, declined to comment on these the issues. (Inquirer)

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