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Friday, May 28, 2010

Steady water supply seen for Cebu

05/28/10 - CEBU CITY – Investors in Cebu, especially those located in nearby Mactan Island are assured of potable water supply as there are technologies to address water crisis issues in the province, an official from a local water technology provider said.

Mactan Rock Industries Inc. (MRII) chairman Antonio Tompar said the presence of desalination plants, like the one on Mactan Island, has been successful in addressing the water needs of the island.

Desalination is described as the removal of salt in seawater to make it fit for human consumption.

“Desalination is proven to be reliable and sustainable. Most major industries across the country are using this technology whether it is sourced from brackish water or sea water. Besides, commercial and industries entities can afford to pay desalinated water which is now cost at an average of P23 per cubic meter,” Tompar said.

Because of the available technologies on Mactan, he said the island is now experiencing an excess supply of potable water.

Tompar told reporters that Pilipinas Water Resources Inc. (PWRI), MRII’s partner in delivering bulk water supply nationwide, supplies daily 2,500 cubic meters (cu. m.) of desalinated water to the Mactan Economic Zone 1 (MEZ), 1,500 cu. m. in MEZ 2, and 1,000 cu. m. at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, including the nearby Waterfront Hotel.

He added that PWRI is increasing by 500 cubic meters the water volume capacity in the Punta Engano strip, which has a line of high-end beach resorts and residences.

PWRI has also been supplying bulk water to big establishments like malls, hotels and resorts.

“Water problem in Cebu is not something to be scared of because of new resources that are cheaper,” Tompar said, adding that the Philippines is an ideal area to use seawater desalination since the country is an archipelago.

Tompar likewise assured of ample water supply at the Cebu City-government-owned South Road Properties, a 300-hectare reclaimed property.

He said the city government has already established a plant that can supply at least 500 cubic meters a day, although capacity of the plant can increase depending on the demand. (Manila Bulletin)

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