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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Losing council bet perishes in tussle with Citom men

05/20/10 - A MAN died after sustaining a gunshot wound in a fight with personnel of the Cebu City Integrated Traffic Operations Management (Citom) along España corner D. Jakosalem Streets, Cebu City at 9 p.m last night.

Police identified the man as a certain Orson “Sonny” Ornopia, a losing municipal council candidate in Tabogon town, Cebu under the Nacionalista Party (NP).

The victim was reportedly drunk when he drove a white multicab pickup type of vehicle bearing plate number GBD-381.

According to bystanders, Ornopia was stopped by patrolling Citom personnel chased down Ornopia and cornered him along España prior to the incident.

Citom traffic enforcer Raul Langbid got out of the vehicle and tried to confront Ornopia who responded by pulling out a gun and fired at him, hitting his right shoulder.

Langbid's fellow enforcers tried to take the gun away from Ornopia, witnesses said. One of the witnesses who requested anonymity said he heard a few more shots but was unable to spot who fired them.

One of the shots apparently hit Ornopia, who was spotted running away from the site, dropping unconscious a few meters away.

Ornopia sustained a gunshot wound in the chest that eventually killed him. The incident is still under investigation. (CDN)

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  1. sayop kay sasa nman diay ang tulo ka citom way labut kang langbid


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