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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

City hall workers restless

05/19/2010 - SOME employees of the Cebu City hall now feel uncertain of their job security in the wake of plans by key city officials to resign from their posts.
Despite the uncertainty, they were assured that no heads would roll and that they would keep their jobs.

Where they will be assigned, however, is another question.

Lawyer Dominic Diño, the chief of staff of the incoming Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, said he himself was unsure what role he would play after his boss won the highest seat of Cebu City.

“Technically, all of our appointments will expire on June 30, 2010. There’s no telling yet of where we would be next. As for me, if my boss(Rama) is still satisfied with my services, I might be counted in on his team to transfer to the executive building,” Diño said on a dyAB interview.

Diño added that an evaluation will be made on all employees of city hall to determine whether they will stay at the Legislative offices or go with Rama upstairs.

“But the evaluation is not designed to axe the employees but see where they would be fit to function,” Diño said.

Although it is expected that the City Hall will be flooded with new job applicants who supported the Bando Osmeña-Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) in the last elections, Diño said they haven’t heard of any influx yet at least as of this time.

Meanwhile, Cebu City Mayor-elect Michael Rama is still on a vacation and is expected to arrive before May 24 to attend his flag raising ceremony after the elections.

Cebu City administrator, Francisco 'Bimbo' Fernandez, will also attend the May 24 flag raising for the last time.

He plans to tender his resignation.

A week after the proclamation of local winners, Rama has so far declined to comment on the plan of the co-terminus city hall departments heads to resign from their posts.

Rama, who is on vacation after a tiresome campaign, told CDN in a phone interview that he will answer all the issues when he reports for work next week.

Asked if he will consider a national post in the Aquino administration if offered, Fernandez reiterated that he'll focus on farm projects in the province after the effectivity of his resignation.

He said he had already set his mind on resigning from City Hall so he could focus on farm projects in Cebu province and on his urban poor housing foundation, “Pagtambayayong.”

Fernandez said that if he is offered a national post, he will answer that he is not available and that he is happy working with farmers in the province.

“I am not interested. I am happy working with the farmers, and I already have plans for them,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez' resignation will take effective on May 24. He has served the City hall for six years as Cebu City hall administrator under Osmeña. (Freeman)

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