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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hope drains away for residents of flood-weary Sitio Negative

2/8/10 - FOR WEEKS, said residents of Sitio Negative, Barangay Carreta in Cebu City, they’ve been complaining about floodwaters that have not receded from their community’s streets.
So, when they found the chance, they “flooded” the airwaves with their complaints.

Resident Neneng Villarta said in a radio DyAB interview the ongoing extension of the barangay hall is to blame for their problems.
With their drainage blocked, apparently because of the construction work, wastewater from the households stays in the community’s alleys.
The stench makes the problem even worse.
“Magpaabot ra mi’g mangasakit kung wa’y magpakabana ani. Naa na gani’y gipanghilantan, nagkalibanga (People will keep getting sick if no one takes action. Some have already suffered fever and diarrhea),” Villarta said. “Unsaon man na nato (What are we going to do)?”
Villarta asked why the barangay captain and two barangay officials who live in Sitio Negative, as well as the contractors, have not done anything to solve the problem.
“Wala sila’y gibuhat kay igo ra baya na sila magtan-aw. Wa sila’y nahimo gyud. Wa gani’y nahimo ang kapitan (They’ve seen the problem, but failed to do something.
Even the captain has filed to do something),” said Villarta.
Villarta said the contractors visited the affected area on Saturday but said they find it hard to solve the problem. They can no longer locate the drainage canal that was covered during the construction of the barangay hall’s extension.
“Nag-ari sila diri, duha ka tawo, pero naglakaw-lakaw ra gyud sila nagdala sa ilang bara (Two men came here with their crowbars, but all they could do was walk around),” she said. (Sun.Star)

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