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Monday, February 1, 2010

City hall doubles effort to increase tax collection

2/1/10 - CEBU, Philippines - To further increase the city’s tax collection, Cebu City treasurer Ofelia Oliva has decided to give all her personnel an extra job that aside from their regular work assignments in their office, each of them shall be required to dispense one booklet a day of community tax certificates to an establishment or individuals.

“S’yaro og dili sila kahurot og usa ka booklet sa usa ka adlaw nga 50 ra man na ka cedula. Kon duna sila’y masugatan pangutan-on nila kon naa na ba kini’y cedula. Hasta ako moapil ko pagpangisyu’g cedula,” she told The FREEMAN in an interview yesterday.

Every time a person transacts business, he needs to present his community tax certificate or cedula, although it is not a proof of the identity of a person.

Is a person wishes to acquire a community tax certificate, the payment varies depending on whether he is employed and on how much is his annual income. The government will collect P1 for every P1,000 of gross income a person earns.

Oliva said the barangay treasurers had been allowed by the city treasurers’ office to issue cedulas, although they are refrained from issuing community tax certificates to business establishments, private and public offices, schools and hospitals, including their personnel and employees.

“Ang gihatag kanila nga authority pag-isyu og community tax certificates para lang sa mga individuals o walk-in taxpayers, apan dili sila makapangisyu sa mga business establishments,” the city treasurer explained.

She showed to The FREEMAN a copy of a joint-affidavit of undertaking signed by the barangay captain and treasurer that both of them are obliged to comply with the agreement.
One of the reasons that some of the barangay treasurers insist in issuing community tax certificates to establishments other than the walk-in clients is because their barangays have the right to retain half of their collections.

Oliva warned the barangay treasurers to be careful in issuing CTCs because the city will not answer their criminal and civil liability once they commit mistakes.
She cited the case of the treasurer of Barangay Capitol Site who issued a CTC twice to the same person who is now asking for reimbursement from her office.
“Dili g’yod hinoon ko mo-reimburse,” Oliva said

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