Bonifacio Day celebration "Kasadya sa Downtown" opened, militants hold protest gathering - Cebu Circle | Cebu City, Philippines

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bonifacio Day celebration "Kasadya sa Downtown" opened, militants hold protest gathering

CEBU, Philippines - The celebration of Bonifacio Day yesterday has turned into a promotional activity, protest rally and even a campaign sortie for sectors and people who are pushing for their own interests.
With a focus on human freedom and the struggle of Cebuano Katipuneros, the Cebu City Government launched the “Kasadya sa Downtown” through a heritage walk along Colon Street, the oldest street in the country.
George Chu, president of “Downtown Revitalization Project” said that this year’s “Kasadya sa Downtown” brings awareness to the public that the old downtown still exists.
“It’s Colon, as the center of trade, Colon as the center of peace, and also for the public to be aware of what is Colon now,” said Chu.
Officials said Kasadya sa Downtown was meaningful because it focuses on freedom, the struggle for revolution and the struggle of our leader to achieve peace.
Kasadya sa Downtown is organized by different cause oriented groups including the interfaith sectors, the academe and the business sectors together with the Cebu City Government.
The holding of the Kasadya sa Downtown is part of the City Government’s Downtown Revitalization Project conceived by Vice Mayor Michael Rama to restore the old downtown’s beauty that make Cebuanos proud of.
He said that he does not only want to relive the old glory of the downtown area, but also to maintain its historical features.
Rama said he wants Cebuanos to cherish events of the past for the city to develop and progress.
He also encouraged Cebuanos to cherish the emblems, artifacts, objects, thoughts and experiences that have been part of yesterday because “these have so much value on what you will become tomorrow.”
With holiday season, the Kasadya sa Downtown will be celebrated for the whole month of December.
Because of this, the portion of Colon Street from corner OsmeƱa Boulevard up to corner D. Jakosalem will be closed to traffic every evening to give way to the night market that will start today and will end on December 30.
From December 16 to 24, a feeding session for children will be held in Parian, in line with the Misa de Gallo.
Meanwhile, several militants and cause oriented groups yesterday converged on Colon Street, particularly in front of the Metro Gaisano to mark the birthday of national hero Andres Bonifacio, who is known as the “father of katipunan.”
Members of the peasant groups, workers, students, farmers, urban poor and other sectors brought up their concerns through the placards and short presentations during a short program.

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