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Sunday, August 9, 2009

2010 furniture show to boost Cebu City’s image as best in Asia

DESPITE the huge slump that saw job losses hitting over 30,000 in the past two years, Cebu’s export-furniture industry is preparing its biggest trade show, the Cebu Furniture and Furnishings Exhibition, in March 2010.

Organizers said the show seeks to reassert Cebu’s reputation of being the best in Asia in terms of furniture design, quality and value.

“We will do what we do best and that is meeting the needs of the high-end market,” Cebu X 2010 chairman Charles Streegan said. “With the challenging times, our focus is to create products that customers will want and buy. That is what Cebu X 2010 will be all about.”

Despite a drastic decrease in number of exhibitors, Streegan said the remaining players in the industry continue to be the strongest and most ready to meet the standards of the international market.

“You can have only 50 exhibitors, as long as these 50 are the best in the business,” Streegan said.

Despite the challenging times, Cebu X continues to be the country’s biggest export-furniture show.  

In 2008, Cebu X reported $15.8 million in sales while the Philippine International Furniture Show or Manila Now for 2009 reported $8.726 million in revenues ($8.856 million in 2008).

Cebu X organized by the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, reported more than 1,500 buyers in 2008 from 77 countries.

Streegan said a new show-management team will usher in a fresh look for the Cebu X brand, while a massive marketing campaign is being rolled out to make sure the best exhibitors and the most influential buyers will once again gather in Cebu City next year. A more intensive program for design development and capability building will also highlight Cebu X 2010.

This early, participating exhibitors are being prepared by organizers to not only create world-class design, but also execute concepts in delivery, creating a full range of services that makes Cebu truly a unique, if not the best, destination for business. (businessmirror)

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