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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Creek settlers and Compostela

06/01/2011 - Finally a Cebu City Police team arrested Joavan Fernandez near a courthouse when he was about to post bail. Joavan spent the night at the Cebu City Police detention cell. Mayor Soc Fernandez went to the police office hoping that his son Joavan will not spend the night in a detention cell.

But because Joavan had his own brushes with the police, many believed that the police made sure that Joavan will spend the night in jail. Luckily for Joavan, nothing untoward happened to him while under the custody of the police. I think the delay in the release of Joavan from jail can be considered as the handiwork of the police. Well, it is unfortunate because in this case, it was Soc Fernandez who went to jail to visit his son in a crash helmet.

I am very happy with the way that Mayor Mike Rama is handling illegal occupants of the Mahiga River. Our city hall employees started demolishing the structures when Councilor Alvin Dizon went there to criticize Rama for not providing relocation sites.

But remember, the illegal occupants rejected it because they would rather stay where they had their illegal structures. While we empathize with the situation of the illegal occupants, the time has come for them to demolish their structures because they are living in a very dangerous location. No. 1, these people have already taken advantage of the government by occupying the area for a long time without paying the proper authorities. I think these squatters were aware that they are staying in a dangerous zone. Luckily for them, Mayor Rama is right in reminding them that they are endangering themselves and the other residents of the city. I think they should not get mad or angry at Mayor Rama because what Rama is doing is for their own good and the for city’s welfare. I think Councilor Alvin Dizon should support the position of Rama’s position because if not, then he should shut up.

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), some of the teams are showing unexpected strengths in the playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks ousted the favorite LA Lakers 4-0. The Chicago Bulls ousted the Atlanta Hawks; then the Miami Heat ousted early favorite Boston Celtics. Well, I hope in the end, the NBA will have an exciting finals between two equal teams.

As an update about our enrollment at the Department of Political Science under the School of Law and Governance as of yesterday, we have admitted about 90 freshmen students and are aiming at three blocks for the first year. Enrollment is still going on. They can call us at 253-1000 local 211.

What happened to the town of Compostela last week was not necessary if it was only to call the attention of the Comelec. The forcible entry by Mayor-elect Quinio and his supporters just showed how irresponsible are we as Filipinos.

I think the political conflict in Compostela had been with them for the longest time, thanks to the 2nd division of the Comelec.

It is best for the Comelec to come up with a final decision to resolve the conflict in the said town. (Cebu Daily News)

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