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Friday, April 15, 2011

Danao mayor fires nephew, picks brother

04/15/2011 - DANAO City Mayor Ramon “Boy” D. Durano Jr. has replaced a neahew as city administrator with his brother.

By doing this, Boy Durano would be violating the election ban on appointing election losers within a year from the election.

Effective today, April 15, Jesus “Don” Durano is the Danao City Administrator, a position vested with the trust and confidence of the mayor.

Don took over Oscar “Boying” Durano Rodriguez Jr.
Rodriguez saw a political motive behind the termination of his services.

He said he is the last remaining ally of Vice Mayor Ramon “Nito” Durano III, whose presence at City Hall is seen by the mayor as a threat to his administration.

Sun.Star Cebu called Boy on his mobile phone and also texted him but did not get

Nito, Boy and Don are brothers and have been holding various elected positions in Danao City. Nito had served as Danao city mayor for three terms as well as congressman of the fifth district, also for three terms.

Boy was Nito’s vice mayor then.

Mayor Boy has made Don’s appointment as city administrator official in Memorandum no. 11-226 dated April 11, an act that Rodriguez said violated the Local Government Code and Civil Service Law.

Boy’s act of appointing his brother Don is nepotism, Rodriguez said.

Because Don ran but lost in the May 10, 2010 elections, he is still not qualified to be appointed to any public post until after May 11 this year.

Don lost the mayorship to Boy.

Rodriguez said Nito has always been considered as the one with wider appeal to the people and with more supporters than his brothers.

This is why in the 2010 elections Boy “begged” Nito, who did not want to run anymore, to be his runningmate lest he lose to their brother Don, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said Nito and Boy parted ways in October last year when Boy broke his promise not to field candidates for barangay officials.

Since then, the mayor has been issuing termination orders to Nito’s close allies at City Hall including to the city engineer who is the husband of Nito’s daughter, Provincial Board Member Carmen Durano-Meca.Rodriguez said, “I think (Boy) is an incompetent mayor. That is why we are now finalizing our recall petition against him.

He is not worthy to continue as mayor.”

The election law allows a recall election against an incumbent mayor between one year after his last election and one year before the next election. (Sun Star)

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  1. if boying is the only ally of nito serving in boy's administration,with the mounting animosity between the brothers, boying then has no business holding a position that requires the full trust and confidence of the mayor...


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