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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


04/12/11 - THE Cebu City government is set to donate a 9 hectare relocation site valued at P39.3 million in barangay Polpogan I, Consolacion to the town.

Mayor Michael Rama said it is better to give the lot to Consolacion since it is impractical to monitor the relocation site which is 13 kilometers from the city.

“ Why keep it? Why prolong the agony? If it will make things better then why not do it?”

The Memorandum of Agreement for the donation is being drafted and will need the approval of the City Council, Rama said.

Executive Assistant Philip Zafra said that the 936 benefeciaries are getting their basic services like health, education, peace and order from Consolacion “that is why it is just proper to donate it.”

Of the 936 beneficiaries, 561 are original relocates while 375 are non-relocates and as of 2008, up to 30 percent have fully settled their obligations.

The lot divided into five parcels of land, was bought during the time of Mayor Florentino Solon in 1980 to relocate informal settlers from the North Reclamation Area.

Zafra said that the Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor has not focused on the site because of the distance.

The city is checking the reports that some beneficiaries are selling their property rights, he said. Those who did may be disqualified from the relocation program, he said. /Correspondent Fatrick R. Tabada PRINCIPAL ACCUSED OF MISHANDLING FINANCES

MEMBERS of the teachers’ association of Don Vicente Rama Memorial National High School yesterday went to the office of Mayor Michael Rama to report their school principal for alleged irregularities int the school's financial irregularities.

Junnie Padillo, the school's teachers' association president said that Nimfa Balili, school principal is not transparent about the school's expenditures and has been forcing students to pay P50 as student body organization fee before distributing their report cards.

Padillo and two other teachers filed a letter of complaint to the mayor.

Padillo said that Balili never showed any liquidation of school expenses particularly the maintenance and other operating expenses which cost at least P2 million.

Padillo said that they wrote a letter of complaint to the Department of Education Cebu City Schools Division but got no response.

Mayor Rama, who is the grandson of Don Vicente Rama after whom the school is named said he will look on the complaint.

Balili denied Padillo's accusations. She said that she was always been transparent in the financial undertakings of the school.

She said she even showed liquidation reports to the DepEd division superintendent and to Padillo.

“The problem is that they are getting carried away by their sentiments,” Balili told CDN.

She said the accusation that she imposed a P50 fee on students is a lie. (

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