Anti-measles campaign starts today - Cebu Circle | Cebu City, Philippines

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Anti-measles campaign starts today

04/04/2011 - CEBU, Philippines - Over 600 personnel of the City Health Department will start conducting house-to-house visits today in all 80 barangays in Cebu City to eliminate measles, locally known as tipdas.

They will be doing a door-to-door information campaign and immunize all children aged nine months to 95 months old.

Children are prioritized because they are most susceptible to the disease, said Dr. Eve Socorro Lim, Expanded Program Immunization coordinator.

The public is advised to coordinate with the barangays on the scheduled day of visit by health personnel in their areas so they will know when to stay home and participate in this nationwide campaign against measles.

The CDH will be deploying around 200 teams with three members; the doctor, the recorder and the vaccinator.

The target population will be vaccinated with MMR-booster vaccine, an immunization shot against measles, mumps and rubella or German measles.

The vaccines are free. The national government through the Department of Health allocated some US $12 million for the supplies and other works.

Of that amount, $1 million was donated by the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Maria Chona Singco, a nurse of the DOH Local Health Assistance Division, said that they are also closely monitoring pregnant women who are likely to develop complications that might affect their babies when afflicted with the diseases.

Measles patients do not die of the disease itself but of complications.

Fatal complications include severe diarrhea, pneumonia and encephalitis.

For pregnant women, the babies may have congenital or physical defects or heart disease.

Singco said that expecting mothers must stay away from anyone afflicted with the disease to avoid infection. They must also take care and maintain strong resistance so as not to be easily infected with any types of diseases.

Symptoms of measles include three to five days of fever and rashes after that.

The number of people infected with measles is increasing yearly. In 2009, there were six cases recorded at the CHD, two are suspected while the rest were clinically confirmed.

In 2010, there were 22 cases of measles, 12 were suspected, one laboratory confirmed and seven clinically confirmed. As of the first quarter this year there are already nine cases, of which six are suspected, two are laboratory confirmed and one clinically confirmed.

The virus does not choose its victims but most of those who are infected immediately are malnourished children (Freeman)


  1. maayo unta maabot na diri saa mong lugar,kanang anti measles campaign, sa barangay basak pardo,villa zacate, cebu city...

  2. naa koy isumbong about sa gym sa barangay basak pardo,sa villa zacate. naa silay gihimo nga basurahan sa gym, malata. unya karon kay malata lagi nga basura kung malata na manimaho gyud, maayo kaha na sa health sa mga tawo diri labi na jud sa mga bata nga mogamit sa gym kay mag basket o magduwa sulod sa gym, bisan gani ang mga balay nga naa palibot sa gym,maapiktahan jud ani. karon manimaho na jud ang basura, nya kung malagpot ang bola sa basurahan manimaho jud intawon....murag d man jud ni maayo kay ang among gym naa sa public place and its an open gym, naay daghang mga balay nga nagpalibot aning gym, d ba ang gym para basketan ni dili ni para sa basura...hope nga inyo unta ni i check diri kay nanimaho na jud intawon ni...concern citizen sa barabgay basak pardo, villa zacate....hoping for your action....thank very much....


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