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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewage treatment plant for Cebu City idle

02/28/2011 - AFTER it was damaged some three years ago, the Cebu City Government’s sewage treatment plant at the North Reclamation Area (NRA) is no longer operational.

While the City allocated funds to repair the facility, Department of Public Services (DPS) chief Engr. Dionisio Gualiza said the treatment plant has not improved.

The deterioration of the STP is also caused by the absence of a manual on how to effectively manage and run the facility, he said.

In 2007, the blower of the pump at the treatment plant was damaged, disrupting its operations.

The management of the SM City Cebu then complained to City Hall about the stench near the facility, which came from wastewater that had been left untreated because of the defective equipment.
The City then allocated at least P3 million to buy replacement parts of the equipment.

“But sad to say, the facility is not in a good condition to operate anymore,” said Gualiza.

After the facility was damaged, Gualiza said that the City encountered problems in disposing of septic waste.

There are at least three private haulers, which he refused to name, who are dumping their waste anywhere in the city.

In 2009, the City’s Solid Waste Management Board recommended to allow the three private haulers to dump their septic waste at the landfill.
While it was supposed to be temporary, Gualiza said that these private haulers are still currently dumping at the existing landfill, with only minor treatment since the landfill has no sewage treatment facility.

“Ug dili kaayo ni welcome nga move sa DENR (This will not be welcomed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources),” he said.

Gualiza said that in an inspection, DENR found out the biological oxygen demand (BOD) of the landfill’s water discharge has reached 3,000, which is way above the standard level of 150 to 200.

The BOD is a measure of the quantity of oxygen used by microorganisms. A low BOD indicates a good quality, while a high BOD means the water is polluted.

Gualiza wants the STP, which was built in 1980, to be revived so that private haulers will no longer dump septic waste at the landfill.
Gualiza said there are private firms who want to help in reviving the STP.
But while the revival of the STP facility is not yet starting, the City has appropriated at least P12 million from the P150-million calamity fund this year, for a wastewater, leachate and sludge treatment facility at the landfill. (Sun Star)

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