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Monday, December 6, 2010

Cebu City Has Majority of HIV Patients

12/06/10 - Cebu City has been found with majority of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS. Alaba of the Department of Health Global Fund Program and coordinator on HIV/Aids said that large numbers of HIV cases found in Cebu City are injected with the antivirus drug each year.

She also told that earlier the city had controlled number of HIV cases i. e. only 4 to 10 cases between January and September. But recently there has been a drastic increase in the number of cases, which has reached 173, makes it an alarming situation to handle.

She even suggested people to undergo HIV test as a matter of fact that there are still lot many people, who are unaware of carrying the infection in their bodies.

The DOH has expressed their concern regarding the increasing rate of HIV cases in the city. The reason behind his worries was the fact that not only heterosexuals were at the risk of the infection but also men who had sex with other men.

Alaba informed that HIV/AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease and cannot be transferred through kissing, touching or sharing food, utensils or rooms. It can either be transmitted due to unprotected sex or through sharing needles, breast feeding, and exposure to infected semen. (Topnews)


  1. do they have a cure for that?

  2. no cure...but there are drugs available that can control it from becoming AIDS(full blown infection)....


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