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Friday, September 3, 2010

Rewards to fight dengue in Cebu City

09/03/2010 - CEBU City Mayor Michael Rama said the city would give incentives to barangays and citizens who help destroy breeding grounds of mosquitoes to prevent the spread of dengue.
He urged the public to give top priority to sanitation and clean surroundings.

“Probably, we will give them kilos of rice of even canned goods,” Rama said during the launch of the Dengue Education Awareness Reduction (DEAR) program of the city.

A “blood donor's lounge” in the Cebu City Medical Center is also being revived to make it more comfortable for volunteers to come and donate blood.

Rama also urged other provinces to be ready to take care of their ill residents after noting that 35 percent to 40 percent of dengue patients admitted in the Cebu City Medical Center are from out of town. He didn't identify which provinces, though.

“We are not going to tell them to go back to where they came from, we are ready to help. But we wish wherever they came from, they should also prepared to take care of their own as we are preparing to take care on our own” Rama said.

He clarified that dengue cases in Cebu City have not reached an outbreak or epidemic level.

They will focus on strengthening hospital management and strong office coordination with Cebu City Health Department and Cebu City Medical Center.

The Department of Health has recorded 54,000 dengue cases all over the Philippines of which about 1000 are from Cebu City.

Rama schools will be tapped for anti-dengue advocacy through modules discussing the virus in science and health classes.

A radio dyAB report said dextrose supply was running low in CCMC and that the hospital had to borrow supplies from the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Cebu City has a free dengue treatment program where indigent patients in CCMC can avail of free dextrose and medicine, including antibiotics.

City Treasurer Ofelia Oliva yesterday said she cleared a P10 million cash advance to CCMC for its medicine requests after the hospital chief Myrna go said their funds for dengue treatment were running low. (Cebu Daily News)

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