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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No SRP access for garbage trucks: Garbage on roads turn off investors

09/29/2010 - CEBU, Philippines – The carelessness of some garbage collectors and their lack of interest to do their job right could affect the decision of investors at the South Road Properties (SRP).

Filinvest Land Inc., which entered into a multi-billion peso joint venture agreement with the city has complained about the garbage that fall off the trucks and are left on the road.

In a letter addressed to City Administrator Jose Marie Poblete and SRP Consultant Nagiel Bañacia, Filinvest Business Development Officer Clarissa Grindulo, said that the garbage left on the road by the trucks aggravate the stink coming from the Inayawan sanitary landfill.

The letter was sent to City Hall last week.

In order to address this concern, the city government plans to build another fuel depot near the Inayawan Landfill exclusively for garbage trucks of the Department of Public Services (DPS) and the different barangays.

FLI, in its letter, stated that the garbage trucks passing the property that is covered by the JVA, gives the investors a bad impression.

Potential buyers are now going to the SRP to take a look at the area that FLI is going to develop.

The company is developing a commercial complex in a 50.6-hectare area.

The project will be called "a city by the sea" because the complex will include residential units, a school, offices, a church, parks, theater, a mall and a beach resort. Completion time is projected to be four to five years.

The city's fuel depot is located near the area that FLI is going to develop.

Poblete has already issued a memorandum to the DPS and to the barangays mandating them to take another route when refueling at the city depot.

There are 20 DPS garbage trucks and over 100 other trucks refueling at the city depot. Trucks from the south usually pass the SRP main road to get to the area.

Bañacia said that some of the trucks are fully loaded with garbage when they pass by the SRP and these trucks leave garbage along the way which makes the SRP dirty.

"I asked the city to ban the trucks from passing through the main thoroughfare because in the first place, garbage trucks are not supposed to enter the SRP.

"SRP is not a dumpsite. Trucks passing are undesirable. Makakita ba gud ka og garbagae truck na muagi sa Ayala," Bañacia said.

Bañacia recommended the setting up of a depot for garbage trucks outside the SRP so they will not have to pass inside.

Garbage trucks have been banned from entering the SRP since last week. Trucks are temporarily taking the access road in Mambaling.

Bañacia said that if putting up another depot is not feasible, the city may commission a petroleum company where DPS and the barangay garbage trucks can refuel.

But he said that he fears the city might not find a petroleum company willing to do business with them immediately because of the usual delay in the payments.

Engineer Dionisio Gualiza, head of the DPS, said that he is yet to meet with Poblete to discuss the rerouting order because he said that the access road is not convenient for their trucks since it takes more time.

"Akong i-clarify ni City Administrator asa man mi agi kay lisod man di muagi sa SRP. Gibalhin man gud among parking area sa GSO nga naa dapit sa SRP," Gualiza said.

He said he is amenable to the idea of another depot near the landfill as they understand the concern of the investors.

Then Mayor Tomas Osmeña also banned loaded garbage trucks to enter the SRP.(FREEMAN)

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