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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cebu accepts all dengue patients

09/04/2010 - CEBU PROVINCE – Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia on Saturday said the provincial and community hospitals located in various towns here will attend to dengue patients even if the patient comes from outside the province.

Garcia made the pronouncements following reports that quoted Cebu City Mayor Rama as saying that the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) will only cater to Cebu City residents and not for those living in the province.

“As far as I know, hospital services are for everyone,” Garcia said in Cebuano during a press conference.

Garcia said that medical services should have no borders and limitations, political or otherwise.

On the other hand, Rama said earlier that the CCMC will only cater to constituents living in the city due to the rapidly increasing number of patients at the city hospital.

“What can I say though even if it is the other way around, the province is willing to accept regardless of whether the patient is from the city or from the town because after all I am very sure that they are all Cebuanos,” she said.

Even if the patient comes from Negros or Bohol, Garcia said the provincial hospital is ready to attend to their medical needs.

“Even if they come from Singapore or Thailand and they need medical attention, we will help them,” said the lady governor.

Rama earlier asked those from other local government units to go to other hospitals so as not to drain the city’s resources.

He explained that those who are already admitted at the CCMC, will not be discharged from the hospital unless they have fully recovered.

Meanwhile, Garcia said the Department of Health (DoH) should provide an alternative to Deluge, a chemical being used in the fight against dengue which the health department is discouraging the public from using.

The governor said the chemical spray has given them “considerable success” in fighting dengue.

The health department had reportedly warned that too much use of the chemical would have adverse effects on health.

Garcia said that the DoH should inform them of the alternative chemical to procure, especially since the spray they are currently using was recommended. (

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