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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Security agency manager killed in airport shooting

07/21/2010 - THE branch manager of a security agency whose clients include the Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) was shot dead by one of his guards yesterday.

Sebastian Abne, 57, fell after taking three shots. While he gasped for breath, the suspect allegedly fired two more bullets into his nape.

The attack took place past 2 p.m. in front of the Mustang Security Agency office in the airport’s parking area, witnessed by many people, including two agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 7.

Jessie Jumadiao, 34, surrendered to the airport police.

It was the second time he shot and killed someone at the airport.

On Jan. 8, 2009, Jumadiao shot dead a taxi driver he had argued with over restrictions on picking up passengers outside the domestic arrival area.

Last year, he also surrendered to the airport police, but only after making sure cab driver Serafin Gesta was dead. He shot Gesta twice in the head, after the driver begged for mercy.

In yesterday’s case, he was reportedly angry after being reminded to pay the P500 fee for their retraining, which began Monday.

Airport General Manager Danilo Augusto Francia said the shooting happened outside the terminal and had no effect on flights or passengers.

“Our responsibility is the safety of passengers and we can assure them of that,” he said.

Witnesses saw the victim and the suspect arguing in the parking area the other day. At 7 a.m. yesterday, Abne was seen berating the suspect.

Another security guard said the two again argued outside their office yesterday afternoon. After the shooting, as Abne lay dead, Jumadiao walked casually to the airport police office, after reloading his 9mm service pistol.

Jumadiao, in an interview, admitted killing Abne because the latter kept rejecting his request to deduct from his salary the P500 fee for their refresher course.

“Minumura kasi niya ako, eh. Hindi raw ako marunong tumingin ng utang na loob (He kept cursing. He said I was an ingrate),” he said.

Jumadiao said he could no longer rein in his temper when Abne told him to quit his job if he could not pay the P500.


Before he shot Abne, he said, he told him, “Sir, ipagpapalit mo ang taong may pamilya para sa P500 (You’d rather have P500 than help someone who has a family to support).”

Abne, a retired master sergeant of the Philippine Army, was reportedly the one who helped the suspect raise money for his bail when he was charged with homicide for last year’s shooting.

Each time they had a misunderstanding, Abne allegedly brought up how he helped Jumadiao.

Another security guard said Jumadiao left his post at the Galco Cargo area and went to their office unnoticed.

After the shooting, the guard said he met the suspect walking casually, still holding the gun.

“Wala ko kahibalo sa nahitabo unya ningisi ra pud siya pagtagad nako niya kon kumusta iyang gibantayan nga office (I had no idea what happened, but when I asked him how he was doing at work, he just smiled at me),” he said.

He said Jumadiao sold a TV set to a friend for P1,000 the other day because he badly needed cash.

“Wala na intawon to siya’y butang sa ilaha nga mabaligya (He has nothing else to sell),” he said.

Two workers of a cooperative office adjacent to the security agency said when Abne fell, the suspect walked around him before firing at Abne’s nape.

Jumadiao allegedly proceeded to their office and kicked its door open, but finding nobody inside, he went out and fired another shot at Abne. Then, he walked away.

“Dunay duha ka PDEA police sa duol pero wala pud sila mo react (There were two PDEA operatives nearby, but they didn’t react),” the workers sa

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