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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cebu City traffic aides to enforce towing law

07/14/20210 - CEBU City traffic personnel will tow any illegally parked vehicles especially in the morning on orders of Mayor Michael Rama.
Rama said it was about time traffic personnel cracked down on violators of the city's towing ordinance after he saw some illegally parked vehicles in the city streets while driving off to Cebu City Hall at noon.

Rama said he already issued guidelines to the City Attorney’s Office to solve the problem.

City Attorney Joseph Bernaldez was initially reluctant to answer media queries on the guidelines but eventually gave a blanket statement on the issue.

“Generally regarding towing, we agreed to intensify the implementation of the City Ordinance on towing. We observed that motorists lost the fear to violate the towing ordinance. They park almost anywhere,” Bernaldez told reporters.

He said some motorists simply look out for traffic enforcers and then park on a non-parking area when no one's watching.

Bernaldez said motorists should follow the city's traffic rules to avoid having their cars towed away.

Cebu City Traffic Chief Sylvan Jakosalem said their towing policies will be humane.

“While we intensify the towing in the morning, we will only do it in a need-to-tow basis. If it does not really obstruct the traffic then we will not tow,” Jakosalem told CEBU DAILY NEWS.

He said it has to be shown clearly that the vehicle poses a clear road obstruction before it can be towed.

Otherwise, a temporary operators' permit (TOP) can only be issued, Jakosalem said.

He said the city government will be leasing two more towing trucks to address the profit sharing issues of towing operations in the city.

Cebu City Integrated Traffic Operations Management (Citom) executive director Arnel Tancinco declined to elaborate, saying he was only obeying Rama's orders not to answer media queries without his approval. (Cebu Daily News)

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