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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Suspect admits killing ‘Tata Negro’

05/06/2010 - JIMMY B. Diala yesterday admitted killing independent candidate Cre-sistomo “Tata Negro” Llaguno, citing the victim’s alleged involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Diala, 40, of Barangay Casalaan, Siaton, Negros Oriental, tagged Rindo Chavez as the one who hired him to carry out the crime.

Police arrested Diala shortly after he shot Llaguno during a campaign sortie in Barangay Lorega San Miguel, Cebu City past 2 p.m. last Tuesday. Llaguno was about to shake Diala’s hand when the later fired.

Also yesterday, former senator John Osmeña asked the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to “take over” the probe.

Council candidate James Philip “Jimboy” Tionko, a former aide of Osmeña, said: “I am asking Mike Rama nganung gipusil-patay ang iyang amigo (why was his friend killed)? Who ordered the hit against Tata Negro?”

In a letter to NBI 7 Director Medardo de Lemos Jr., Osmeña, who also ran for city mayor but bowed out, said the local police “cannot be trusted” with the investigation on the murder.

He cited media reports showing how Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama supposedly tried to get policemen to call off an earlier raid that targeted Llaguno. Rama is the Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK) candidate for city mayor. He had denied allegations he protected an alleged drug lord.

“In my eight weeks of campaigning, I found there was an extensive ring involving some barangay officials and a league of basketball teams sponsored by Vice Mayor Mike Rama known as ‘barkadahan’,” Osmeña added.

Mayoral candidate Alvin Garcia, in a separate forum, asked for an impartial parallel investigation by the NBI, saying they “do not in any way have any possible involvement in this crime.”

Diala’s admission strengthened the theory being pursued by the police that Llaguno’s killing was related to narcotics.

In an interview with reporters, Diala claimed to be an asset of the Philippine Army in his town and confessed he killed Llaguno.

He said Chavez, also of Siaton, threatened to kill him and his family if he refused.

Diala said last April 27, Chavez encouraged him to come to Cebu and assured him that a job in construction was waiting for him, with a daily wage of P180.

Since he only earned P45 from farming in Siaton, Diala said, he agreed. They arrived in Cebu City last Sunday.

He confirmed going to Llaguno’s headquarters, located near the victim’s house, but denied asking for help from the candidate. Diala said the plan to kill Llaguno was made on the day they arrived in Cebu.

Instead of giving him the job he promised, Diala said, Chavez gave him a photograph of Llaguno, and told him to kill the man.

“Si Tata Negro kay drug lord man daw unya iyang ipapatay kay naa kuno’y patong (I was told Tata Negro was a drug lord and that there was a bounty on his head),” he said.

Inside the pension house, Diala said, Chavez taught him how to use a gun.

At 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Diala said, Chavez called him and ordered him to proceed to Lorega San Miguel, because Llaguno was coming to the barangay complex to campaign.

He said Chavez met him and handed over a .45 pistol.

Claiming it was his first time to use a gun, Diala said, he bought a bottle of beer to calm him, minutes before the attack.

He said he could no longer remember how many shots he fired.

He was supposed to meet with Chavez in a mall, but a team from the Special Weapons and Tactics caught him in Barangay Zapatera shortly after the attack.
Except for P150 cash as his allowance, Diala said, he did not get anything from Chavez.

Chief Insp. George Ylanan, Investigation and Detective Management Branch chief, said both Diala and Chavez are hired guns.

According to the information his team gathered, Chavez served as the “spotter” in the plot to kill Llaguno.

He said the killing was a “professional hit,” with the suspects making the proper stakeout before staging the crime.

Ylanan said before Tuesday’s attack, there were three failed attempts to kill Llaguno.

As for rumors a political group was behind the attack, Ylanan said, that angle is still being validated.

In response to former senator Osmeña’s appeal, de Lemos yesterday created a panel of investigators.

“We can make our inquiry but not take over the investigation. This is already a police case and we respect our counterparts in the PNP,” he said.

He said the panel, composed of four investigators led by Supervising Agent Jose Ermie Monsanto, will ask the PNP for time with Dialia.

Osmeña, in his single-page letter, said he has long thought of asking the NBI to “conduct a massive in-depth investigation into the drug problem in Cebu City.”

He said it is “apparent” that there is an “extensive ring that enjoys protection from high local government officials,” though he admits that he has “no concrete evidence.”
But Monsanto, interviewed separately, said there is no basis yet to link the drug situation in Cebu City to local politicians, even if Llaguno was both a “person in interest” in the illicit drug trade and an independent candidate for the city council.

Garcia said plans for the Kugi Uswag Sugbo’s miting de avance on Friday may be moved if their party decides that campaigning will be dangerous for them.

Garcia does not want to speculate about who may be behind the attack.

But when asked if Rama and Osmeña could benefit from the death of Tata Negro, he said, “To a certain extent they can benefit, but it doesn’t mean that they are guilty, or that they were the authors (of the crime).”

Tionko said: “Who will benefit the most kung wala na si Tata Negro (with Tata Negro dead)? As they say, ‘Dead men tell no tales.’ Ako ba ang makabenefit sa pagkamatay ni (Will I benefit from the death of) Tata Negro? Let the public decide." (Sun Star)


  1. bulok ang sestima sa pilipinas, tata negro llaguno had been in the jail in and out, na dakpan coz of drugs but escaped, kay ngano???? bayaran ang mga inutil na polis, mao i dont believe in the justice system in the philippines..Cebu is known to b a peaceful place, bec of d drugs, i am afraid, killings will b just soo easy as selling candies...looy ang pobreng pilipino mo samot ka pobre og ang politiko samot ka datu, mao mo patay ug tawo aron lang ma sulod sa posisyon....

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