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Sunday, April 25, 2010

NSO starts census training

04/25/2010 - CEBU, Philippines - The National Statistics Office has started the preparation for this year’s census of population and housing, scheduled on May 17 to June 11.

The preparations for the data gathering include training the different provincial officers, census area supervisors and interviewers. Census is a nationwide activity undertaken every ten years by the NSO as mandated under Batas Pambansa 72. The last time NSO updated the census of population and housing was year 2000.

The Cebu provincial office of NSO conducted their last day of 3rd - level training of census area supervisors yesterday at the Cebu City Central School.

Noel Rafols, NSO Central Visayas public information officer, said in an interview that around 300 Dep-Ed teachers and principals from different municipalities and cities of the province attended the week-long training. These teachers and principals are then going to conduct trainings to the 4th level officers, the interviewers, next week.

Updating the census is simultaneously done through the country. Rafols said that they aim to comply with their obligation to UN to give them updated figures especially with the country’s population.

Rafols said that conducting the census was supposedly scheduled to start on May 1 but they moved the schedule because of the elections. “Busy kaayo ato magtutudlo karon, naa pa silay elections, naa pa jud ni,” he added, pointing out that teachers are the interviewers for NSO and are also precinct officers during the elections.

Among the basic information that the NSO will be releasing are the current figure of the population of the country, the gender and the rate of employment. According to Rafols, the updated figures will help many sectors of the country. He cited that legislators can use the data as a legislative aid for new laws to be passed. He also mentioned that the figures are important for the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) to LGUs in the different provinces.

Before being applied as basis, the new figures will have to be submitted to the president for signature to make the figures official for everyone to use.

Rafols said that the NSO hopes to present the new data before the year ends (Freeman)

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