Gangmen rape girl, shoot her boyfriend dead - Cebu Circle | Cebu City, Philippines

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Gangmen rape girl, shoot her boyfriend dead

03/15/10 - CEBU, Philippines - Six alleged members of the Crips gang reportedly shot and killed their gangmate after raping his girlfriend in sitio Carmelite, Barangay Buaya, Lapu-Lapu City at dawn yesterday.
The fatality was identified as Russel Booc, 16 while his girlfriend (name withheld), also 16, was raped and is now in police custody.
Both are residents of the city and are also allegedly Crips gang members.
Police believe that a love triangle might have caused the two crimes.
Senior Police Officer 2 Frederick Eslit of the Crime Against Person Unit of Lapu-Lapu City Police Office (LLCPO) said the incident happened around 2 a.m. yesterday after the duo bought hamburgers near the crime scene.
The pair was on their way to the place where they planned to eat their food when six young men stopped them and pointed a gun at them.
The group of young men was identified as members of Crips gang, because of the group’s trademark of wearing a blue scarf on their neck.
The six men allegedly took turns in raping the girl while the gun’s muzzle was inside her mouth to prevent her from shouting and from fighting off her attackers.
After the six men were allegedly done raping her, one of the men instructed Booc to also have sex with his girlfriend, which he declined.
The gang members then shot the victim.
The assailants then fled immediately from the area by passing though the narrow pathways of the place.
The police believe that the gun’s muzzle was inside the victim’s head as they only found an exit wound.
Paramedics of the Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation declared Booc dead on the spot.
The girl was then brought by the police and was turned over to the Women’s and Children’s Protection Desk of LLCPO.
Eslit said that a hot pursuit operation is now being conducted on the suspects, who were identified by the female victim. (Freeman)

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